Thursday, September 19, 2019

Elevated expressway on EDSA

Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (Tagalog: Abenida Epifanio de los Santos), commonly referred to by its acronym EDSA, is a limited-access circumferential highway around Manila, the capital of the Philippines. It is the main thoroughfare in Metro Manila passing through 6 of the capital region's 17 local government units, namely, from north to south, Caloocan, Quezon City, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Makati and Pasay.

Named after academic Epifanio de los Santos, the road links the North Luzon Expressway at the Balintawak Interchange in the north to the South Luzon Expressway at the Magallanes Interchange in the south, as well as the major financial districts of Makati Central Business District, Ortigas Center and Araneta Center. It is the longest and the most congested highway in the metropolis, stretching some 23.8 kilometers (14.8 mi).

Ramon S. Ang, president and chief operating officer of SMC targets to submit a proposal to the Department of Transportation (DoTr) for a 10-lane, five-by-five expressway along EDSA.

San Miguel Corporation currently operates the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway, the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road, South Luzon Expressway, the Skyway System and the NAIA Expressway.

The unsolicited proposal to the Department of Transportation to build a 10-lane elevated expressway on EDSA to ease traffic in the perennially congested highway.

It will be an elevated, steel toll road built higher than the Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3), which runs along EDSA as well.

In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange issued on Thursday morning (September 19), SMC confirmed the news report, saying that the company will submit the proposal for the construction of a “10-lane five-by-five expressway to decongest the traffic situation along Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue.”

Reports also said that the elevated toll road will stretch from Macapagal Avenue in Pasay City to Balintawak in Quezon City, and will take 24 to 30 months to build.

DOTr Secretary Arthur Tugade also mentioned the proposal during the signing ceremony for SMC’s Bulacan airport project on Wednesday (September 18), according to Businessworld.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

John Denver Trending Now Showing

The movie was shot in its entirety in Pandan, a town in the northern part of Antique ,where the family of the current representative, Loren Legarda, comes from. The Zaldivar family (the late Supreme Court Justice Calixto Zaldivar, former Governor Enrique Zaldivar, former Governor Sally Perez-Zaldivar) are also from Pandan.

The movie revolves around a mild-mannered 8th grade pupil, John Denver (portrayed with utmost sensitivity by 14-year-old Jansen Magpusao) who found himself in the center of a town’s turmoil when he was wrongly suspected of stealing a classmate’s I-pad.

The issue got complicated when a classmate posted a video of a fight between John Denver and a bully classmate.

The movie is close to my heart (pounded to the core during the almost two-hour screening) for two reasons: First, the movie is in Kinaray-a, the language of my province- Antique. It has English subtitles for non-Antiqueños. Second, it’s about the scourge of online disinformation – the issue that our group, VERA Files, is actively helping to fight.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Gilas Pilipinas vs Australia

The Philippines team — including those sitting on the sideline — made a beeline for Kickert. The brawl quickly moved off the court as the players crashed through advertising boards next to the base of the hoop.

The Boomers tried to defend their teammates and NBA star Thon Maker launched a series of karate-like kicks at the men in blue.

Some of the most sickening scenes saw players being punched and kicked while they were lying helpless on the floor, while one Australian had a chair thrown at his head by someone who wasn’t even a player.

Reyes was apologetic about the situation getting out of hand but alleged Kickert hit several Filipino stars during the warm-up, which contributed to the flare-up that saw Kickert floor Roger Ray Pogoy after he fouled Boomers guard Chris Goulding.

“It’s absolutely unacceptable but the reality is Kickert was hitting our players during the warm-ups,” Reyes told reporters. “He hit Bryan Cruz, he hit Matthew Wright, he hit Pogoy and he hit Calvin Abueva during the warm-ups.

“The foul of Pogoy on Goulding was called a foul, an offensive foul. It was a basketball play but he (Kickert) was the one who came in and then he hit Pogoy for the fifth time.

“You can’t expect to do that to a team five times and not expect to retaliate so that’s what happened unfortunately.

“That triggered the entire brawl and as unfortunate as it is, like I said, it’s something that you have to be there to know what really went down.”

Sunday, July 2, 2017

I won, I won! - Horn

Forget about the punch counts, which showed Pacquiao landing twice the number of punches that Horn did. Those punches are counted by humans and with the awkward style of both fighters, it was difficult without the benefit of slow-motion replays to see just who landed what as the two flurried furiously at times in the ring.

The real problem was that Pacquiao couldn't finish Horn in the ninth round, something that isn't new for the Filipino great, who hasn't stopped anyone in eight years. He also couldn't win the 12th round on any scorecard, when a strong final round would have salvaged a draw in the welterweight title bout.

The top fighters do that. But Pacquiao is no longer among the elite, which is why he had to go to Australia in the first place to score a reputed $10 million payday.

That should get him another fight or two, though not at the rate of pay to which he's become accustomed. And it's not enough to get him a second fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr., a bout that wasn't likely to happen even before his controversial loss Sunday in Australia to hometown hero Jeff Horn.

At the age of 38, Pacquiao is pretty much done. His latest attempt at wiping away the stain left from his fight with Mayweather ended with a fighter who wouldn't have survived five rounds with him in his prime celebrating in front of a crowd of 51,052 at a rugby stadium in Brisbane.

Pacquiao's supporters will howl that the judging was horrendous, and on at least one card (117-111, Horn) it was. But it was Pacquiao who allowed the fight to be as close as it was, and it's hard to argue much (though those blabbering on ESPN certainly did) with the two judges who had it 115-113 in Horn's favor.

Besides, Pacquiao knew going in what was expected of him. He needed to dominate and he didn't, outside of a ninth round where he tried his best to take Horn out only to punch himself out and leave the final rounds in Horn's hands.

After 22 years as a pro, Pacquiao should have known the old boxing axiom: Go to someone's hometown, and sometimes you get a hometown decision.

The talk before the fight was that there weren't many opponents for Pacquiao after Horn, unless he was offered up as fodder for Terrence Crawford or Keith Thurman in one final effort to cash in on his name. At least now he'll get a rematch with Horn, assuming he can get enough time away from his duties as a senator in the Philippines to take the fight.

"That's the decision of the judges. I respect that," Pacquiao said afterward. "We have a rematch clause, so no problem."

Those screaming on ESPN and in social media afterward should have been as calm. Between ringside analyst Teddy Atlas and the bloviating Stephen A. Smith, you would have thought this was the robbery of the century, when it was anything but.

It's also not a stain on boxing in any fashion. Fights are subjective, judges see different things and the fact is that Pacquiao simply couldn't reach down and find enough to take the decision out of their hands.

The people at ESPN who signed a deal with promoter Bob Arum for a series of Saturday night fights weren't crying foul afterward. They had to be ecstatic with an entertaining fight card that ended with enough controversy to let Smith babble on endlessly even at the end of a 4½ hour prime-time marathon.

As for Atlas, well, he's an acquired taste for the casual fan. It's one thing to play the role of outraged ringside expert, but Atlas is so in love with his own voice that even when he was talking to the fighters afterward he was giving long statements instead of asking pertinent questions.

Still, unlike the Aug. 26 charade with Mayweather and Conor McGregor, this was a real fight. Both fighters were bloodied and battered, yet both refused to give an inch even as the rounds went on and the blood kept flowing.

Mute the television and it looked like a very close fight. I had Pacquiao winning 115-113, but judges can be influenced by the crowd's frenzied backing of Horn just as television viewers can be influenced by analysts who insist that the way they see the fight is the only way it could possibly be seen.

The fact is, Pacquiao is an aging fighter who has been in too many ring wars. Time catches up with all fighters, and it looked for long stretches in Sunday's fight like it finally caught up with him.

Give Horn credit for beating a legend, faded as Pacquiao might be. Give both credit for fighting through head clashes and blood to fight to the final bell.

And enjoy the rematch, because there will surely be one.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Gatasang baka ang tingin nila sa ating nagmo-motor

Bakit laging naka-motor ang pinapa-hinto sa checkpoint?

Bakit hindi nalang nila ipagbawal ang pagmomotor?! Nakakainis kayo ha! Mga naka-motor lang ba ang kaya nyo?

Sa mga motor lang ba naka-sakay ang mga kriminal, sa mga tinted cars, di ba sila sumasakay?

Sa mga motor lang ba naka-sakay ang mga magnanakaw? Sa mga close van, hindi ba sumasakay ang mga akyat-bahay?

Sa mga motor lang ba naka-sakay ang mga mandurugas? Yung mga sumasakay sa SUV, bakit hindi nyo sinisita, malinis ba sila?

Sa mga motor lang ba naka-sakay ang mga pusher at addict? Yung mga nakasakay sa magagarang kotse, hindi ba may addict at drug trafficker din dyan?!

Sa mga motor lang ba na-isasakay ang mga baril, sa palagay nyo, madadala nila ang armalite, bazooka at iba pang pangpasabog? Samantalang mas madami sasakyan na pwedeng maglagyanng mga yan! May IQ ba kayo dyan sa checkpoint, o tanging naka-motor lang ang kaya nyo?

Madami sanang maidudulot na maganda ang mga rules na ito kaya lang mukhang mas maraming butas na pagkakakitaan…

Bakit pa sila maglalabas ng Guidelines kung sila rin mismo ang di tutupad, ano yan nagpapagwapo lang.

Motorcycle riders has issued their own Guidelines for traffic officers on motorcycles’ when conducting apprehensions.

  • said officers must be in proper riding gear (basically a DOT certified helmet, riding gloves, jacket and reflectorized vest)
  • said officers must be courteous and smiling when apprehending motorists
  • said officers motorcycle must not be modified in any way (daming ganyan)
  • said officer’s motorcycle/vehicle must bear proper license plates bearing the current year’s sticker (bawal yung plates na “police” “barangay” “TED” “Traffic” at "DU30")
  • said officers ID, badge and name plate must be properly placed on his/her uniform
  • said officer should be able to identify every motorcycle brand and model currently in the market and should be able to identify a modified from a stock bike
  • any officers not complying to these guidelines after thorough inspection by the apprehended rider, will be ignored and given the dirty finger! Hahaha!

The general public is hereby advised on the rules on military/police checkpoints as follows:

Checkpoint guidelines provide that all personnel manning legitimate checkpoints should be in service uniform with the name plates and other identification tags clearly visible and readable.

In a checkpoint inquiry, the occupants cannot be compelled to step out of the vehicle.[2]


The search which is normally permissible is limited to visual search where the officer simply looks into the vehicle and flashes a light therein without opening the car’s door.


The search which is normally permissible is limited to an instance where the occupants are not subjected to a physical or body search.


The personnel manning the checkpoint cannot compel the motorist to open the trunk or glove compartment of the car or any package contained therein. Such extensive search requires the existence of probable cause.


Checkpoint involves only a brief detention of travelers during which the vehicle’s occupants are required to answer a brief question or two.


 The Last TMX 155
The constitutional immunity against unreasonable searches and seizures is a personal right which may be waived. Affirmative acts of volition without being forced or intimidated to do so, shall properly be construed as a clear waiver of right.


To avoid delay and inconvenience, ready the car registration documents for inspection, in case requested by authorities.



All violations shall be reported to the authorities to ensure steps are taken to investigate checkpoint violations.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Kaibigan, kami ay mga Preso, Oo nakakulong kami, halang ang bituka at kaluluwa namin. Iba't-iba ang kaso naming mga Preso, mayroong naka-patay, droga, robbery at pagnanakaw at ang iba ay nangbubugbog ng mga bata. Oo aminado kami na nanglamang kami at nakasakit ng kapwa, pero ginawa namin iyon para sa mabuhay, at para sa mga Anak, hindi na namin ipag-pipilitan, dahil aminado kami na mali iyon, pero kahit kailan ma'y hindi kami nang-gahasa ng kababaihan.

Oo, mayroon kaming mga kasalanan at ang ibang kasamahan namin na mayroon kaso na "RAPE". ay binibigyan namin ng spesyal na atensyon. V.I.P. kung tawagin.

Hindi nyo alam ang tinutukoy namin na V.I.P.

Dahil kapag lumaya na ang isang Preso na katulad namin ay, hindi ikinukwento kung ano ang nagaganap sa loob ng piitan. Dahil walang gustong makipag-usap, oh ang iba ay nilalayuan kapag nalaman na Ex-convict. Hindi rin sila nag-k'kwento dahil nahihiya sila, kaya't hayaan nyo na kami na ang mag-labas ng mga pangyayaring iyon, para sa ikaalam ng lahat..

Gagamitin namin ang mga termino oh salita na kami lang ang nakaiintindi. kapag itinatrato naming V.I.P. ang isang Preso na nahatulan sa kasong RAPE..

"TAKAL" ang ibig sabihin ay bug-bog, sa mga maliliit na presinto pa lamang ay puro (takal) na ang aabutin kapag nalaman namin na RAPE ang kaso ng taong pumasok sa aming selda..

"SUPERMAN" superman ay isang libangan naming mga Preso, partikular sa mga CityJail. Ang ginagawa namin libangan na superman ay ang bagong pasok na Preso na nang-RAPE, apat na katao, ang isa hawak ang isang kamay, at ganon rin ang tatlo, hawak ang kamay, at magkabilang paa. Ihahagis ng mataas na mataas at sasaluhin, doon rin mismo, kung saan ang toka nilang hinawakan na parte, kapag malikot ang nang-RAPE at gumalaw hindi namin masasalo, alam nyo na siguro kung ano ang mangyayari kapag hindi namin nasalo, paulit-ulit hanggang hindi kami nasisiyahan, nasisiyahan lamang kami kapag nakakita na kami ng DUGO,

"TAXI" ang taksi na tinatawag ay, kapag nalaman ng MAYORES na ang bagong pasok sa oblo (piitan) ay repist, tuwang tuwa na ang MAYORES, dahil mayroon nanaman syang taksi, pinapasan ng mga reypist ang MAYORES oh segunda mayor at lahat ng may katungkulan, pinapasan ito kahit saan gustuhing pumunta, kapag sinabi ng MAYORES gusto niya lumibot buong araw sa City.Jail, ibig sabihin buong araw niya papasanin ang MAYORES, paikot-ikot gagawin siyang taksi, hindi siya pwedeng umangal dahil ang aabutin niya ay "TAKAL" oh "SUPERMAN" kapag nanglaban pa siya..


Monyito ay taga-bantay sa mga preso habang natutulog. hindi siya pwedeng matulog dahil kapag may isang binangungot oh tiniraydor na preso at ito'y namatay. Idadagdag iyon sa kaniyang kaso, take note: habang siya ay nag-babantay may hawak siyang pamaypay, mag-damag niya papaypayan ang mga preso, para hindi lamukin ang mga ito. Hindi siya pwedeng pumalag kung ayaw niya ng "TAKAL" at "SUPERMAN" kinabukasan..

Kung ang inaakala ng iba na, kapag nang-gahasa sila ay basta-basta lamang sila makukulong, matutulog at kakain lamang sila sa loob ng bilangguan, nagkaka-mali sila, hindi ito pananakot at hindi gawang kwento. Ito'y totoong pag-trato sa mga preso na reypist.
Isinulat namin ito dahil kami ay nababahala na! sa datos ng Gobyerno, isa sa tatlong Kababaihan ang nagiging biktima ng RAPE, na walang pinipiling edad, bata man oh matanda, dalaga oh mayroong asawa. At base sa datos namin araw-araw ay mayroong pumapasok sa aming piitan na ang kaso ay RAPE.

Nangyayari ang V.I.P. na tinatawag sa mga City Jail lamang, dahil matagal ng organisado itong aming piitan na.

(New Bilibid Prison) "MUNTINLUPA"
Pero ayon sa datos ng Gobyerno na, tatlong Kababaihan ang ginagahasa Araw-araw, ay mapipilitan rin kami ibalik ang sistemang V.I.P. para sa mga taong magtatangkang mang-GAHASA ng mga kababaihan, madali namin mapupulong ang iba pang malalaking PIITAN, at iba't-ibang lider ng mga pangkat, gaya ng "BAHALA NA GANG", "SPUTNIK" "COMMANDO" at ang iba pa, na siyang sumusoporta sa isang reypist kapag ito'y sumama sa isang pangkat. Pero sa pagkakataong ito, wala ng pangkat-pangkat, talo-talo na, panahon na para pairalin na ulit ito, ang "BATAS NG PRESO"

Ngayon lamang kami gumawa ng bukas na liham. Hinihingi po namin ang tulong mo, kung sakaling mabasa mo ito.
Kung ikaw ay may-Anak na babae, mayroong kapatid, pinsan, nobya at asawa na Babae, kailangan ko po ang tulong mo para maikalat ito. ipakita mo na mayroon kang malasakit sa mga KABABAIHAN, kung gusto mo mabawasan ang datos na tatlong BABAE ang nagagahasa Araw-Araw..

Ayon kay Dr. Jose Rizal
"Panulat ang matinding sandata"

Labanan natin ang dumarami na kaso ng RAPE sa Pilipinas!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Earthquake Monitoring Philippines
JPN-1052 Seismic Accelerograph continuously monitors and records ground movement. It has a Tri-Axial Servo-Type Sensor, the most advanced, most precise and most reliable sensor available in the market. The machine gives out and records real time Ground Movement Acceleration values in units of Gal, real time Modified Mercalli Seismic Intensity and SI Value - Velocity Response Spectrum.

Measuring invisible vibration. Most vibrations can't be seen by the human eye. IMV develops our own sensors to continuously measure and monitor vibrations and movements to safeguard structures, equipment, assets, investments and most importantly - people.  

The machine provides immediate alarm annunciation to ensure that the building occupants can be moved to safety, it is used to set off alarms at specifed ground movement levels.

The use of this equipment eliminates unnecessary evacuation during earthquake events. It also assures people that the structure is safe and there is no need to panic. 

The 10-output alarm and shut off feature can be utilized to achieve an ultra efficient and highly advanced building management. Each channel can be adjusted to have its own preset acceleration level which can trigger automatic switch off for utilities such as elevators, LPG lines, electricity ines, water lines, automatic doors, airconditioning cooling towers, etc, to prevent secondary disasters as well as take care of of your important and sensitive equipment.

The seismic monitor can also be connected to the building's BMS and FDAS. The machine can also activate pre-recorded voice commands to guide and assure tenants during emergency situations utilizing the building's Public Announcement System.

JPN-1052 Seismic Accelerograph continuously monitors and records all ground movement in relation to the structural integrity of a building, thus giving you essential, specific and actual data which a designated professional can use in his/her analysis and evaluation of the structure after any earthquake or ground movement event.

This provides faster evaluations to allow quicker decisions by stakeholders and persons-in-charge after major earthquake events.